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More about Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Diatomaceous Earth, your 100% organic and natural friend in plant/animal and human vitality.

What is Diatomaceous Earth (DE)?

It is microscopically small fossilized skeletons of single-celled plants called Diatoms which lived in fresh and seawater many years ago. DE consists of amorphous silica from a freshwater source containing 14 trace elements. These deposits are mined, ground, dried, sifted, and classified. Then the product can be used for a large variety of applications including:

  1. insecticides for plants
  2. parasite control – both internal and external
  3. to reduce temperature and drought stress in plants
  4. to revitalize depleted soil and provide enough nutrition for plants
  5. is completely safe for human consumption to relieve a variety of symptoms.

    No wonder the Chinese have been using this product successfully, for the last 5000 years.

How does Diatomaceous Earth (DE) work?

Once DE has been swallowed by the host, it enters the digestive tract where important physical, mechanical and physiological processes take place.
While DE travels through the digestive tract, its abrasive and porous texture causes mechanical damage to the parasite's cuticle (skin). The parasite dies when its cuticle is penetrated and it loses 10% of its moisture content. The host excretes the dead parasite without any side-effect on the host – the results are very positive.
These Diatoms (Phytoplankton skeletons) have a strong negative charge. The advantage is that most harmful substances and organisms that penetrate the human/animal body are positively charged. The Diatoms act as a strong magnet – they attract great quantities of positively charged viruses/ bacteria and other toxic substances (like heavy metals). If these particles are small enough, they are absorbed into the Diatoms through the microscopic pores, then move through the digestive tract with the Diatoms until they are excreted together with the Diatoms. Most living organisms come in contact with toxic substances and parasitic organisms on a daily basis. Thus regular preventative action is needed to ensure that energy loss and illness amongst animals/ humans are minimized. It is recommended that diatoms Concentrate be taken on a daily by animals as a mineral supplement to its balanced diet. International research shows huge savings on veterinary bills if the above is strictly adhered to.

DE does not have a negative impact on earthworms when applied to prevent drought and temperature extremes. DE can also be used as an insecticide as it has the same effect on insects as on parasites. When insects come into contact with DE, the abrasive action removes the outer waxy layer that protects the insect, and the insect then dies of dehydration.
As a PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN business, Agri Silica SA aims to ensure the customer of optimal plant/animal and human vitality. Our commitment to the agricultural and other consumers is that, by using DE, profitability will improve:

  • Conventional dosing for parasites is becoming ineffective, as these parasites become chemically resilient.
  • Consumers worldwide are demanding that agriculture provide natural solutions and deliver organic certified products to the market.
  • International standards like the EU (European Union) demand more natural (plant/animal) production.
  • This Diatoms Concentrate has EU approval and will add value to your products.

Five years of research wrt. DE in the Northern Cape highlight two important things:

  1. Internal and external parasite control - as described above.
  2. Mineral supplement – researchers state that SiO2 (DE consist 85% SiO2) is one of the most important minerals in animal feed:
  • improve bone density as DE plays a vital role as a catalyst in Ca absorption
  • increases metabolism
  • improves animal production

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