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Diatomaceous Earth for pets & human use


The dogs seem healthier; I have two collies and 4 Bitsers, as well as my mum's dog. Certainly, it seems to be helping with parasites as we had some puppies we are helping find homes for and they had worms coming out their back end. After mixing DE in their food the worms disappeared and they got more active and healthy and ate less - seemed less hungry.

I had a stray male dog that came in for rehab as skinny as anything, bones sticking out of his spine. You could count all his ribs and spine nodules, and he had an eye infection - oozing pus out of his eyes.

I mixed a lot more DE in his feed then for my own dogs, and he has put on weight beautifully, and his coat is shining, and his eye infection cleared up without treatment. Although I did use some turmeric solution for his eye once or twice, he ran away when I tried to apply it the second time, so I had to stick to DE in his food. At first, he ate like there was no tomorrow, but now he eats normally and doesn't seem so hungry anymore.

All my dogs enjoy it and they all seem healthier since taking it. I don't give them too much, just a spoon or so mixed in their feed then I dish it out evenly.

I also read on the Internet that people use DE for flea and tick control. So I applied it by brushing it lightly into the animal coats, and they got instant relief. I also sprinkled it in their sleeping areas and around the home. But it only lasts a day or two then they start itching again, so I will have to do it every few days which is a bit of a hassle. I'll probably go back to my other method - boracic powder or borax, which really works well although it's more expensive - but it lasts for about two weeks then I apply it again.

But we discovered by accident DE is very good for bed bugs, we got attacked and woke up with bites one morning and this went on for about two weeks. In desperation, we sprinkled some DE under our sheets directly onto the mattress and the bites stopped immediately! Every 2 weeks or so when we get another nip or two, we apply DE under the sheets and they stop. The attacks are getting less and less.

For our own health, I have seen some amazing results. I started taking Healthsil in some juice, and several things changed for me which is very interesting. In the beginning, there were some detox symptoms, I had headaches, pimples, and bad body odor for a week or two, then it disappeared. But here is what was most noticeable:

1. I stopped snoring! my snoring has completely disappeared! I have no idea why but DE seems to stop snoring and my partner is absolutely thrilled, he said please keep taking it!! I can only guess that it has killed parasites and therefore I am not so exhausted.

2. I suffer from Chronic Fatigue and I think it is relieving the symptoms. I wake up with slightly more energy than normal - when I take DE regularly, I find that hungover feeling and lethargy are diminished. I also don't get the CFS attacks as much after a day out, when I take it. I just need to take it regularly and I get the energy elevation.

3. Immediately after drinking it, I get a lift, an increase in alertness. I can't take it at night, it keeps me awake, so it definitely makes me more alert.

4. My entire digestive system has improved tremendously in every aspect right through to elimination, and hardly any odor upon elimination.

5. I have arthritis in my fingers and it seems that when taking DE it doesn't flare up much at all. But when I stop, it comes back. So have to keep on taking it.

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DE for my sheep
Kalma Hayes
Buccleugh Farm

I keep a small flock of SA vleis Merino/ Witkop Dorpers. You might not be aware but this area is not a sheep area according to the powers that be and I was told that my sheep will start dying and be totally infested with worms. On the contrary, my sheep were healthy happy sheep...
DE for pets & human use

I started taking Healthsil in some juice, and several things changed for me which is very interesting. In the beginning, there were some detox symptoms, I had headaches, pimples, and bad body odor for a week or two, then it disappeared. But here is what was most noticeable:...
DE to Walking Horse
L. Thomas, Trainer, L. Frank Roper Stables,
Winter Garden, Florida

With horses fed approximately 5 oz. of diatomaceous earth mixed in the feed twice daily, the following results were observed:
1. Stopped scours even on horses that had not responded to any other medication. 2. Noticeable fly reduction...
DE with Poultry
C.S. Mangen, DVM,
San Diego, California

Using two groups of birds with each group consisting of 8,000 white leghorn caged layers in their pullet year which had been producing for five months. After feeding the test group 60 lbs. of diatomaceous earth per 1 1/2 tons of standard mixed feed (17% protein) for 2 1/2 months the following results were observed:...

Sheep Farm

Kosie Conradie - Hartswater District

Frisian and Saddle horse stud

Kobus van Tonder - Coligny
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Latest Articles

Effect of Dietary Supplementation with Diatomaceous Earth on Egg Quality Traits
Although not significant (p>0.05) at weeks 24 and 40 of age, the higher eggshell thickness observed in hens in intervention groups as compared to control groups in this study could be an indication that calcium absorption and utilization was higher in birds fed on DE supplemented diets.
Effect of Diatomaceous Earth on Growth Rate, Egg Production, Feed Conversion Efficiency and Parasitic Load in Hens Raised on Deep Litter
This study showed that DE can be used successfully in growing pullet diets to correct nutritional mineral imbalance since it supplies more than 14 trace elements including silica which are essential for animal well-being.
Effect of diatomaceous earth on parasite load, egg production, and egg quality of free-range organic laying hens
Both BB and LB hens fed the diet containing DE were significantly heavier, laid more eggs, and consumed more feed than hens fed the control diet, but feed efficiency did not differ between the 2 dietary treatments.
Advantages of Diatomaceous Soil for Game Ranches
Some of the advantages of using diatomaceous soil in external parasite control include the following:
Agents and Diatomaceous Earth
The ability of biocontrol agents and diatomaceous earth (DE) to reduce the number of nematode counts was evaluated in adults and lambs of Merino sheep.

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